Nighttime Swim

Like through deep water,

driving late at night

through the darkness,

The sky as the ocean,

and the water falls down to Earth

to pool around the road.


In light,

I would be surrounded by a sea of trees,

a forest filled with wild swine (those land creatures)

but in darkness,

I feel the trees are only a thin layer.

Past them on both sides

is deep river.


My car headlights,

hit the reflective paint

and the road grows before me

and disappears behind me.

The largest signs appear

as half-formed houses,

all bright and square.


The real houses,

I see them as lights in the distance

over the rivers,

that I know lay just past the trees.

They are reflected in the water

and I know I couldn’t find them again

in daylight.


My car floats on the road,

as I begin to drift

out of consciousness.

The night lulls me to sleep,

the sound of water sloshing around my ears.

I drive into the river

and in the morning,

wake up in an empty field,

with wild swine (those land creatures) surrounding my car.

The tops of houses

appear just miles away.

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