The First Tablet

It was someone else,

who first broke

our  tablet.


It cracked in half,

and I didn’t understand

how it had broken,

when we both held a side.


Before and during all this,

we had planned to travel

back and forth.

The plans were laid.

A long road,

lined with tablets and held up

by mutal respect.



you began to hide your half.

It was like hide and seek,

with me waving my half

like a homing device.


It was/is not.

This was our first tablet.

Is it well we made no more to break?


Did you break it? (again? the first time?)

Who broke it?

Does it matter,

after you ran from me? (not metaphorically)

Innocent people, shouldn’t act guilty.


That’s right,

you and your half,

literally ran from me.

Is it surprising,

that I dropped my half in shock? (as an innocent person should)


Do you still keep your half,

wherever the hell you went?

Is it safe?

Is it shattered?

I don’t know,

I lost mine,

and I can(won)’t

find it again.

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