Pruning the Mirror-Shrub

Some people see others

as mirrors.


that mirror goes


in time.

Sometimes it goes back,

way back.


What do you do with the mirror?


wrap it within their arms in

an embrace

and use this closeness

to mold the mirror

like a shrubbery

into a mentally sound


or not.


While others


to run away

and watch from afar

as they believe

they are fitted with personal black thumbs

that ripple reflections,

leading to the possibility

that they might get sucked in

to a emotional vortex

and accidentally screw up

their own fragile mental states,

just to benefit a mirror/shrub.


To prune a shrubbery,

one needs sound gloves

and an apron of detachment.

A bucket of poison,

to occasionally kill parasitic worms,

is also useful

(those from afar would die without it)

to protect oneself

during the molding process.


Once the mirror is molded,

does the self-appointed pruner,

walk away or stay to warp

past the future?


Once the mirror

is fully formed,

is it safe,

for the one hiding far away

to finally approach the person within?


Or does the person within,

step into somebody else’s

mirror and travel




-with only dead

or pruned leaves

left to remember

them by?

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