Parking in the city,

I get out of my car

to embrace

the afterlife.

It is full

of people,



and rebuilding.


I pay my parking meter,

like dead bodies,

they are everywhere.

I can’t stay too long.


At work

I have to make a decision

If we should argue against

the building over of a cemetery

for a rec center (celebration of life).

We will lose assets

if we do something.

I say do nothing.


All the world’s a cemetery,

only some places are marked

and even then,

those aren’t safe

from being made unrecognizable

by weather,

being used for paving stones

or having their contents evicted

after 25 years

or much more.


I get in my car,

My life’s most frequent memory, some people’s loves

I spend as much time inside

as corpse in a coffin.


I want to be cremated

I will take up much less space

in death this way

and thrown into a desert

with the succulents.


My ashes will fly


some say this means

I will never rise again,

I don’t care,

as an endless squatter

flying across

and planting

in useless public land

I will never be able to be




my coffinless journey

will not be able to be


by the police

and built over

once nonexistent markers

become unrecognizable

and the public no longer cares

about angering

my ghosts.





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