The Food Bully

Do you set your table?

I do,



Knife right

with the stronger hand

fork left

stabby stab.


Getting the table in order

is sometimes

a slam


and other times

an artful

devotion of time.


But barring those,

there is taking

the pot

onto the table,

grabbing utensils

and shoving the contents

right into my mouth.

No time lost

with more dishes.


My fork scrapes

the bottom of the pot,

This is probably why

this course of action

is not many’s ideal.


Even slam slam

is better.




I need to get my life in order

and like one of those mothers

who yearn for familial closeness,

I too plan and execute

dinners like plays

where I want all the audience

to be in attendance.


For each day,

a catalogue

and for each meal

I shop special

at multiple groceries

across the city.

One alone

can’t feed me.


If I am solo

I might scrape,

the bottom of the pot,

I might not even,

eat at all.

What’s the point,

without an audience

to cheer me on.

Why should I even



I am an artist

with a knife gripped

in my strong right hand for sawing

and a fork gripped in my left

for stabbing.

Watch me set the table

and eat my food.

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