I see a screenshot

of the news

in the morning.

I think

it’s fake.

I check it,

it’s real.


I show someone else.

As usual

he doesn’t

believe its real.

Even if it was,

he tries to








with no rations,

makes an empty stomach.


He says the world is unhappy,

and I should learn that.


He says the people

on the news

are from the same area

as terrorists

from four years ago,

as if that act by a few

removes the humanity

of multitudes.

So no visa.


He says our government

has a right not to care.

Even though,

this was previously


Bark, bark, bark


When I bring up

domestic incidents

of related nonchalance

he says,

I wasn’t alive

as if I can’t read

the death count.


When I say

I intend to march,

he asks what I am




And when I think

about him,

the state news,

and more.

When I think,

he did not know of this

before I brought it up.

When I think that

his words

are the same

echoing around the country

and have been

for generations,

I feel.

I feel.




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