It’s Hard to Be Neutral In the Binary

You understand.

Then you don’t.

It’s not proper English.

Even though Shakespeare used it?

“Are they made up?”- your pronouns

“Do you know any adults,

who do/use these?”

Why yes, I do.



“It’s what your parents named you.”

They don’t even call me that, anymore.

I want it legally changed.

“But in your medicals it says…

we can’t use something else”

“I’m not sure I’m okay with this.”

I’ve know what I want it to be

for years now.

“But that doesn’t matter

until you get your diploma.”

I’m afraid

of being stuck like this.

“Can’t you just, wait??”


“So this friend of yours

Guy, girl, ?

I don’t understand,

simplify it for me,

what kind

of junk

do they have?”

“What do you have?-“

bc that’s what defines me/them

and you won’t accept

when I don’t tell you.


“I wouldn’t expect,

you to own this lace.”

“You’re using female mannerisms.”

“Why are you in this skirt?”

“Compared to what you’re wearing now,

you know,

you would look great

in a dress,

you can really

pull it off.”

I don’t feel comfortable,

in formal clothes anymore.

Unless they are a costume.

“-Why don’t you?”

“I’m on this side of

the mechitza

to be respectful”

But where should I really be.

Either way I dress,

I feel invalidated.


“You have mosquito bites,”

“-No you don’t”

Just don’t look down.

“You don’t like your chest?”

I can’t breath when I bind

“Surgery? Gross,”

“It’s ok _____, erase your memories

that I said or want this.”

“Why do you need this,

aren’t we all,



Stop trying

to shut me up.

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