Be Cautious

I feel the need,

to show more care

for the supposed wolf,

flocking the sheep.


I think its mold,

the nuts in the cabinet

are constantly

getting covered by mold lately.


There is a wolf,

but I don’t know,

it is stuffed

or alive.


Nut mold is dangerous.

Myotoxins can kill.

Better to not eat it.

Each new nut packet

gets hit with the same fate.


The boy who cried wolf

is really right this time.

There is a wolf.


Moths are fluttering

out of the cabinet,

my laxness

let them plant eggs,

those “mold spores,”

were pupa.

So much has been tainted,

and needs to be

disposed of.


Realization of the truth hits

and I move fast.

Like a goose,

I act loud

and menacing.


I cringe,

as I toss out

my favorites.

I am repulsed.

I can’t stand the eggs, pupas, and chrysalises,

even if they can’t hurt me,

they disgust me.


The wolf has fled,

but I am left with

a bad taste in my mouth.

My reaction,

was less than beautiful



I am filled with revulsion,

but it seems now,

everything is taken care of.

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