I’m writing it now,

a presentation

on how to

treat those

who aren’t

out yet.




Headphones on,

I hear the sophomores


who’s gay

and who’s gonna come out

in a few years.

I hear the girl in the middle

mention me,

I pretend not to hear.




How to not

be overly pushy,

let the person

take their own time.




I’m talking about


it’s hard to get

the words out

that they are gay

and my friend

might like them

(bc she is, and loudly).

She sees how I am

around my friend

she sees my puppy-dog


and she pushes.

I pretend to not

know why.




How to

come out.




I was forced out

by my phone.

But with my friends

it was all

what they expected,

as it was

after all what they

all were

in varying degrees.

I didn’t have a fancy cake.




How to





A friend texted me,

using a line from

Apollo 13.

(She was

originally a Texan).

She had a problem

and I listened.

I just listened.




and how to

how to

how to.


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