Electoral Fears

All my brothers, and sisters,

and siblings are

feeling the sharp winds

breaking out of the winding



I’m terrified

for what will be.

After Brexit

we saw 

the hate crimes

go up.

With a voice

like Duterte,

what havoc

will be wrecked?


We were afraid for our rights,

to lose what we have

and have the ground

we are still fighting on


like a swarm of bees.


If we see

America as phoenix,

dying and giving birth

every election,

then what is crawling

out of the flames?


If I see a rotten egg

and someone else

sees the descendent

of dinosaurs,

which one is more likely

to crack open the world?


Many people say,

its gonna be okay,

that this too will pass.

Only four years-

but right now-

we are nearing 

the commencement.


A lot can happen

in a full four years.

We could stop

falling maybe after.

But after four years

that gravity

and pain from

the ripping wind

will have built up


something more.

3 thoughts on “Electoral Fears

  1. What you say is very concerning. One thing to remember, we are truly the only country in the known world that is built on the ability to flex. We may bend far to the right or far to the left, as we have done in the past. We have even torn ourselves apart in Civil War, but we still flexed and we did heal. We will no doubt scrape our knees and bloody our noses from our current political scuffles. And it can and will get ugly, that there is no doubt. However, we are a work in progress, and I pray we will always be a work in progress, because it will mean we still have the ability to flex.


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