The Cat & the Elevator

It’s all planned out.

The dice were thrown

and rethrown

until the most favorable


were seen

and written down

in my book of

life to be.


Each piece

is put in piles

of same-color and same-picture.

My eggs are distributed

across many baskets.

Game set…

I will soon match

my reality

with my plan.


I enter

the elevator,

this is my chance.

I open my mouth

and a finger

is put to my lips.




A giant cat rises

within me


An alabaster moon

hits at its back.

Telling it to back off.

The light pains it.

it wants to rend,

it wants to tear.


But the moon

makes it all too visible

to the whole audience.




I’m being stopped.

My idea is being

written off.

All my backers

have vanished

into the moon’s mist.


But I’m stuck,

I can’t lash out here.

I have no golden hour.

The project has failed

and alas,

I must retire.




The cat



The cat

runs like a shot.


The cat hides

under a box

with glowing eyes





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