Minty Fresh & Clean

I clean my teeth of it.

I take away the bitterness

and leave the soft crunch

of mint toothpaste.




It’s been awhile,

but my teeth are still


I can hold back

the bitterness.


I hear scratching at the door,

and a knocking at the window.

I ignore it.




I am serene,

I watch the flowers,

I pick mint to make tea,

I go and get the mail,

it’s all good.

I’ve tooned it all out now,

my palette is clean

from bitterness.


I go to the backyard

and rip the tight black clumps

of ragged mushrooms

out of the yard,

and away from the mint plant tubs.

I’m told that I should be careful

of the spores.




I get a digital note

I’ve gotten many.

I’ve ignored the scratching at the door

and the knocking at the window.

just like I have

that of the telemarketers.





It’s not my name or address,

just my number.

But this address written here



Maybe someone sloppily put in their own address?

But who?

A biting breath mint cold assails me.


I had thought

some poor sap had just

wanted to

try at an online competition

or something

and my entrance as a lamb

to go with the telemarketer’s mint jelly

was random.


I search the address

the spores are flying- something is amiss

I rip out one of my mint plants

by the roots.

I chew the mint,

but I spit it out

as a taste of bitterness

fills my mouth,

I know that place

where the mint

was trampled to the ground.



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