Clear Plastic

He put his cricket in a cage,

to protect him from the predator.


He put his cricket in a cage,

to make sure he could

always see and find him.




When asked today

how I would trap

the fake octopus

I- who knows nothing

suggests a clear plastic box

under a mirrored boat

with a sea slug inside.

But who knows

if this would work

as I know

nothing of octopuses

and even less

of crickets.


The kid’s cricket

was a solar powered


The predator

was a battery powered thing

will styrofoam

and tiny legs.

While all 

the other children

made armor,

he made

a cage.


The other crickets

moved under the sun.

His cricket

buzzed in the plastic

salsa container.

It was contained.




What does the octopus see

with its large eyes?

Would it see

a reflection in the plastic?

It would probably

think it odd

that a sea slug

would be floating.

Do they even eat sea slugs?


The kid fed his cricket

paper and plastic

and worried about

why none of it disappeared.

Was it


in its box,

in its cage?





are very smart

and I know nothing

on how they actually think.


The kid

wanted to keep his cricket

safe in a plastic-clear box

I wanted to trap

the octopus in clear plastic.

Would the Octopus notice the trap?

Do solar powered crickets

dream of paper cut-out worms?

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