The Sea’s Feelings and Mine

When I sneezed

I felt the ocean

come out of me.

It was that feeling

that you get

when you’re trapped under

too long,

and the salt water

begins to pour

into your orifices.


I’m not near the sea,

I’m quite far,

miles away,

in a parking lot

carrying a wax wrapped

bundle of scale-less white flesh

back to my car.


Out of my sneeze

came a sea demon.

He pushed his way

out of my nostril

and started to question

how he got

so far from the sea.


I don’t know.

The sea and I

haven’t seen each other

in quite a while.

But I am not

in hiding from it,

I am consuming

the products of the sea.

I am above

sea level.


I ask him

to please not feel offended

by the bundle of flesh

I carry in my right hand.

I wish him good health

and blessing on his journey.


He doesn’t look like

a bit of my soul,

I don’t remember

raising him,

so I didn’t feel

immediate loss

when I let him

slip away.

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