Which is Heavier; Light or Dark?

The stairs curling

out of my hands

are made of marble

and push their leaden weight

down through the popping veins.


Above me,

the sky is pressing

and all the parts of my body

ae trying to flee

down the stairs

to exit the pain.




Day or night?

Which was heavier

for Atlas to hold

atop his creaking shoulders?


At night,

the dark is pressing

all around,

smothering noise and sight,

killing the ambition

that there is anything out there

but the crushing weight.


It is the light

that mercilessly rips the covers

off to reveal everything.

When the titan

looks down

it reveals the space of the distance

between the ground

and his arms


the crushing weight



Don’t look down




When one

crawls off

from the stairs

one becomes



are still

under the sky.

People can’t

escape the weight

of the light and dark.


The marble is heavy.

Maybe if you shelter under it,

there will be a reprieve.

But beware of the shadow~



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