Dawn Jog

Dawn broke

and my legs were carrying

me down

the main street.

Like fireflies to light,

buildings clustered around it

until they themselves

ended in fields.


Past the hotels

and lights of bars,

I ran

until I saw


that spooked me.


It was a man

hunched over

in the dead of morning.

He wasn’t moving.


As I got closer

I wondered

what should I say

to the only other person

out at dawn.


As I got closer and closer

I saw who he was,

a cowboy.

His features harried

and carved

out of painted wood.


The bars were more alive

then him.

A relic designed

to sell a story.

Like the Jesus built on the park bench,

I thought he was homeless.

I got scared

of the shapes in the distance.

I was out alone,

with dawn just broken.


A fear born out of not knowing-

what if-

it’s what scared me-

the not knowing-

the lack of trust-

for humanity.


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