We walked across the clouds

to find a bridge

hidden in heather.

It’s swept clean

and our feet touch

the edges of infinity.




My car is stopped

-stop and go-

there’s an abandoned bridge

looming in the corner

of my comprehension.


A cat slinks off

when moment is fell.

This bridge is fallen

and the green spores

breaking through

the once carefully placed asphalt

are ripping out its heart.


If only,

I could get off the road,

maybe I’d get to work faster

that way-

over the overpass.




The road had bones,

but no flesh

and I couldn’t enter

the dirt-sprouted bridge

above the stop-and-go.

I just had

to keep going onward,

past the pomegranate trees,

past the unripe orbs,

past the place I could enter,

past the whispers of eternity.

To the end?

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