What I Want For Validity

I said I didn’t
want to fight
over what I was called,
whether it be
ze or she.
I said so
knowing that
if people don’t respect
why would they
Yesterday I was asked
if this was a new thing
for us to start
making up pronouns.
Did I make up
these pronouns
to feel special?
People say
there is no
How should I expect
to be respected?
That’s what visibility
does to people.
Shows them a perspective
they’ve never seen before.
To them it’s new,
but it is
by no means new.
I didn’t
make it up.
I know what I like
I know what makes me
it’s about a name.
It’s about
what matters to me.
But what is also mattering
is what others are saying about me.
I currently really like “ze,”
and “she” is starting
to feel wrong.
But that’s not (always) respected.
I’m told to be
Since I was brought up
as a little girl
I was told
not to push the envelope
too much.
I was told to conform.
But conforming
doesn’t make me
For you it’s new
and uncomfortable.
But for me,
it’s even more uncomfortable
when I feel
by those I imbued
with the knowledge of
the opinions
and identity
that make me
When they tell me
I am invalid
and won’t be able to make it
in society,
it hurts.
But as it isn’t new
and there are those
that came before me,
that made it,
I know that I
can make it.
Even if I live
as a ze
or however I may
choose to be.


This poem was also published on Keshet’s Blog!

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