The Roots Across Nine Lives

Scattered across

a bedspread of labeled green


are memories

waiting to be torn.


A cat has nine lives

but across them,

it may still follow

the common thread

of yarn.


A plant

seen from a distance

brings about

a memory

common across

the many lives.


What changed

when the life did?

If the life is still

that of a cat,

the avatar

is still the same.


Counting sheep,

cannot save the cat

from the dreams.


The plant sways

and bends,

to show its thorns.


So tempting

to try

and rip it up

by the roots.

Make it leave

for good.



taking a good stance,

to lower

the velocity




It’s been ripped,

the paws are bleeding,

even if the plant’s gone,

look at the scars.

Maybe this will


in the next life?


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