Newt Sighting

I’ve never seen

a newt before.

But I did then,

when I was soaked

through with rain water.


I looked

in the stream

at the silhouette

of a lizard.

I looked outside

at the clover-covered banks

to see a newt.


My hair was awash

and my shoes

were soaked with mud

as I stood in the clover.




This time,

is different.

In the distance

between the rain clouds

and the ground.

I am not

present the way I once was.


Within the water/broth

is chittering and chatterings

and I

am apart.


It’s more calming

to not know

that a newt’s eye

is slipping into someone’s soup.


Their tongues wag like those of dogs

and they wave

disembodied lizard tails

at me.

They brought back proof.




Next to the clover

began a sandy cliff.

It looked quite steep,

but I had to keep walking.




The newt slipped away

in all the turmoil.

Everything looks

as it once did.

The rain has stopped

and I am forced

to be


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