I Refuse

“I refuse.”

is an adequate response.

It is simple and succinct.

It leaves nothing

to the imagination,

or so I thought.


Kicking one’s foot

in the door

with cries of




what about me!

Is not an adequate response

(for you to give).

So I yet again

I must respond with,

“I refuse.”


If you decide to take

the next step

by trying to get someone

above me

(or perceived to be)

to change my mind for me

when I have already


you are not executing

a cunning ploy

bound to work,

as I still,



I refute your claims

that I am honor-bound

to do something

that I never

signed up to do.

I do not have to do anything,

and even if you imagined

in a great big (pipe) dream

that I do,

I still


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