Stubbed Out Mosquito

It’s the END.


Check mate.

The hand is descending

on what is left

of the struggling mosquito

– burnt out like a cigarette butt-

he wants to strike!

he wants the papers surrounding

to start to smolder.


The papers stay unlit.

The mosquito twitches.

He starts to change tact.

First he tries

to offer a happily ever after-

to the deliverer of its salvation.

Next it tries to offer three wishes.

When all else fails,

the struggling mosquito

tries to release himself

by offering death

to the descending hand.

This does not work.


The hand is a wall

and it is approaching fast.

What does the mosquito

envision his wall to look like?

In his delirium,

he could be seeing anything.

Is it a tar coated wall

with wastelands on the other side?

A short stone wall,

with green grasses on the other side?

Or nothing at all?


If it’s not the last,

it certainly is now.

The hand has struck

and he has been…

stubbed out.

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