One of You

Here I stand,

memories fading at the edges.

I hear you.

I see you.

I dally

around a frozen frame,

of what once was/wasn’t.

But this is not my world.

I do not



I wished

I was you.

You are one of many.

Faces containing multitudes.

You are many.

Yet I am not

among you.




A few years past,

and I still

hear the birds

crying outside my window

and think of you.


In the sunlight

next to the rose bushes,

I can imagine

what it was like

to be with you.


On a patchwork of cloth,

I thought

I chose you,

but you chose me,

and when the boat came,

you left me.


It’s so vivid.

I feel like I’m there again.

But even when I was,

I wasn’t.

I was never,

one of you.

But it was

a nice dream.


I still have my memories.

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