The word is slithering

and slinking

out of the pages

the books I dropped

as I scurried out

of my own library.


I studied those books

and read them to pieces,

but after a while

their stories all began to feel

the same.


A meeting.

A getting-to-know-each-other.

A honeymoon period.

The word.

A distancing.

A silencing fear

of commitment.


The word is slinking

through my mind

as silence rings around me

and rings of circular time

start to draw closer and closer.


they may strangle me.


It has nice


The one who says it

means well.

But yet,

it always

spells the end.


What is this word,

you ask,

Well I will tell you,

it is one that often

goes before friend.

It is-



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