Stages of Cheese

In the morning

I eat four slices

on buttered toast.


At noon

I eat two

between slices of bread.


In the evening

I eat three

on a platter with honey,


fruit jellies,

and cold cuts.




In the market

there are many,

on the moon,

there is one.


Cheap bits

from a green cylinder


on pasta.

Next to wine

and made

of fermented life,

the cheese sits.


Orange slices


Buttery cashew

and spices




they are not fit

to pass

and the Sphinx’s claws

take away their

cheesy titles.




In the morning

I bought some milk.


At noon

I acidified,

I mixed,

I cooked,

I strained,

and hoped

for the best.


In the evening

I had cheese.


The picture above is from my Cherry Cheese Pastry recipe.

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