A line of cats


from the orb

to Kingdom come.


You are a cat,

fickle as can be,

whiskers tilted up,

you wind your way

around the throng,

purring and hissing,

cool as you please.


Interspersed around you,

are cars.

With big orange eyes,

white teeth,

and red tongues.

They roar through the night,

taking what they please.


They are powerful,

they are strong,

they are fate.

They cause it

and bring an end to it.


This leads

to envy

among the felis catus,

who seek to emulate

and make life




Around your corner

a gray-striped cat


Around your corner

the cat integrates himself

in your life.

Around your corner,

the cat sleeps away

your hunting hours

and becomes a mewling



He acts big,

he acts powerful,

like a car,

and you sway

to his spinal twitch.

You aren’t the first

and you think,

“I’m a strong cat,

it’s nice to not be alone.”

and you grin.


The line of cats,

is clamoring,

food is becoming scarcer,

and the gray-striped one,

tilts his mouth,

wider, and wider.

Yellow eyes glowing

and bright teeth,



Cat fight.


You’re not able

to be a cool cat

any longer,

you can’t take it.

Your whiskers are bent

out of whack.

You straighten your spine,

and with much hissing

and mewling,

a lone cat again.


Looking ahead in the line,

you see the gray-striped cat

cosying up

to a calico.

You look away.

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