Thousand Mile Stare

Lingering affection

for what I used to know.

I always have my memories

to look back on.

That’s why I have

a thousand mile stare.


A thousand miles away

in a different time.

Was it better?

Was it worse?


A single step forward

sends me back.

These tears are allergies

or are they?


Sitting in a plastic chair,

I stroke imaginary armchair fabric.

I smell the scent of leather.

I am brought back to

that place,

by this place.



what brings me here

is bored futility.


it a sound.


it is a word.


it is an action.


There are actions

I can no longer do.

Actions that push me back,

past the fluttering silk curtains

through windows of jagged glass.


I see you there,

watching out of your window

a thousand miles away

and I can’t stand it.

My smashed window

brings the broken air

straight into my eyes.


There are actions

that I do

that bring

gusts of sweetened air

to my eyes.

Times where I feel like

I am looking into

a sweet glazed mirror.


It is not me

on the other side


but you.

This is what you did for me

and you are gone,

like the perfume

on that gust of wind.


There are actions,

that make the present sound

simply static.

Static sound.

Static time.

It seems like I

haven’t moved at all

away from you,

and the you

who was me.


Are you

a thousand miles away,

or is this simply perception.

This is all happening

inside my head

so does that mean

it can be real again?


In a single tear

is reflected a whole world.

Time is glazing the window

with each fracture,

until it becomes mirror glass.

When it is a mirror

a thousand miles

will stare right back at me.

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