Is this.


I don’t



I stand in a circle

and a barrage

of questions

come down on me.

Favorite color-

Is it only black and blue?

Favorite phase-

Sticks and stones….

Ever been bullied?


The people in the circle

all step forward

but I hang back.

Have I

ever been bullied?


I remember

being mean

in elementary

being what I would later

consider a bully

just to go along

with what my then friend wanted,

when another girl asked

why I wouldn’t be

friends with her.



what about me?

Have I been the victim?

I am the last one standing back-


I remember a small instance

it was just s m a l l.

Did it even c o u n t?

I step in.

And I remember


I am at the center

of my own circle

as my memories

that I blocked

gush out.

I remember

the pushing

it counts

the name calling

it counts

the subtle words

it counts

the defeated silence

it counts

and everything else

they all count.


Why did my mind,

pass them by,

why did I not consider

those memories

while I waited

to step forward

and answer.

It is okay,

I know that now.

I can call it

what it was,

what it is,


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