Stages of a Pomegranate

Fleshy red heart

beating from the beginning

of my time

to the end.

Pushing in and out,

pomegranate red.


613 hearts

from the garden of Eden


by the Snow White’s queen

at the beginning

of the new year

represent her

psychological descent

out of physical beauty.


6 seeds,

6 months,

6 bloody life stages;










The pomegranate tree’s leaves

are as unchanging

as a jade burial suit.

The ruby fruits

gain their crowns in autumn

when Kore descends

down to the chthonic stage

where she reigns queen.


For all the seeds

past the end

she consumes

she is barren.

For all the juice she drinks

her lips remain red

and her skin fair.

She is a righteousness queen,

sweet and sour,

she allows Orpheus

to cheat death

and ascend-

with his bride-




-unless he gives in

to the temptation

of looking back,

at the woman

who’s happy life/light

was snuffed

by the snake

Fleshy red heart

beating full of blood

and passion




She’ll never reach 4

6 is it. S K I P


The blood drains

from Orpheus’s

face as he looks

to see

that what he has left

to carry on with

is a bony-yellow husk,

the color of his

solitary sun.


The picture at the top is from my Pomegranate Salad Recipe.

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