Fleshy Qualms

Liver pate,

a delicacy

for feasting eagles.

A man with a fennel branch

barbequing delicious

roast meat.

A choice between

fat covered bones

and stomach covered



The ultimate

status symbol,

draped in fat

and blood.


the energy

of fellow animals

to survive

or be gluttonous.


It’s no wonder,

Zeus was made

to be deprived

of such rich delicacies

for his offering.

Until Noah,


was not allowed

to partake of the flesh

of others.

It was only

when all animals

were made afraid

that the playing field

was level



At this point,

humans began

to domesticate

their animals,

raise them,

make them trust them,

benefit from their gifts,

and slaughter them.

For meat

to be Halal

or Kosher

the animal must be


when its throat

is slit with a knife.


What is more domesticated

than a fellow human?

What is more taboo

than eating a fellow human?

The forbidden meat

that even the most ardent


should avoid.


Human diseases

can be passed

to other humans

via flesh.

Kuru lurks in the shadows,

shaking in anticipation.

And it is overall


to eat your fellows,

whoever you may

consider them

to be.


The picture at the top is from my Chili-Lime Watermelon Jerky recipe.

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