The Egg Teeters

Humpty Dumpty

sits on a wall,

in our minds’ eyes,

as he teeters

between life and death.



he represents

a pareve substance,

but uncracked,

there is no way of knowing

if he will bleed.


Impenetrable treasure box.

Is it really ethical

to deprive the egg of possible life,

by aborting it?

Cracking it into an omelet

to escape the consequences

of raising

an unwanted chick.


That’s the question

vegetarians must ask themselves

when they decide

if they will consider eggs,

safe to consume.

But yet,

despite some of their pleas

to the contrary,

Humpty Dumpty still falls.


As he shatters,

his top part

goes to create

the Heavens

and his bottom part

sinks to become the Earth.


The golden interior and white

fall in the black metal hot seat

with their restraints

now cracked away.

An old couple

huddled over

the cooking breakfast

argue about

if they should remove the yolk,

or the white.


The yolk

adds cholesterol,

while the white

adds protease inhibitors

and anti-nutrients.

In the end,

they decide

that maybe it’s better

to choose a different breakfast.


The picture at the top is from my Marbled Tea Egg recipe.

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