Mushrooming Possibilities


or incorrect,”

said the caterpillar

to the plumber,

“One will make you

grow bigger,

one will make you

grow smaller.

One bite

could kill you

and another

could give you

new possibilities.”


Under the plumber’s feet,

the great mushroom

that the caterpillar

sat smoking on

had mycelium

reaching for miles,

just like his

piping system.


He is not the first

and not the last

to appear

at this crossroads.

Which to choose?

What outcome is desired?


Viking berserkers

consumed Amanita muscaria

before thundering into battle.

Some practitioners of Eastern medicine

suggest the daily consumption

of red reishi mushrooms

to boost the immune system.

The American military

fed the unwitting people of Utah

the fallout of their domestically grown

atomic mushrooms,

which led to death and cancer.


A pig,

routing around

under strict guidance,

hunts in hopes of finding

the brown gold,


The human forager

takes the path into damp forests

to find the mushroom so perfect

it has not evolved

since the Cretaceous period,

the morel.

The kid playing in a backyard

thinks the mushrooms

growing in the corner,

look good enough to eat.

Let’s hope,

his fate is not the same

as Emperor Claudius.


If you step into

a fairy-ring,

where will you end up?

If you consume a mushroom,

where will your life go?

Will you get fame,



new life,


or something more?


The picture at the top is from my Mushroom Flatbread recipe.

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