The moon walks out

on a sad tomorrow.

The lake’s reflection

is drawing closer and closer,

as the final orbit,

will soon come to a close.


The monkey king,

sitting in his mountain hall,

thinks himself aware of all vacuity,

and believes he is

beyond it.

He looks out on the world

with eyes

like golden pools.


The moon

is aflame

as it rollicks

though the atmosphere,

it cannot stop,

this is simply



With fancy titles

and time to spend,

the monkey king

believes himself finally recognized

for the great being he is.

He gives way to vacuity

and in no time

his eyes are aflame.


The mountain is thrown

upon the unruly

Sun Wukong,

destroying life

as he knew it.

Earth’s greatest sages

with ambitions

equal to heaven

burn in the wake

of the turbulent moon.

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