Potato’s Plight

Man cannot live on potatoes alone,

without suffering deficiencies.

Their eyes just stare right through you,

with scorn.

They know their history,

of being scorned,

for living

below the ground,

close to the depths of Hell.

They weren’t mentioned in the Bible,

and therefore considered unholy,

blamable for

leprosy, tuberculosis

and just being

plain ugly.


Originally of Incan descent,

they lived as kings

in their homeworld,

with a god all of their own

and a place in burials.

A place they did not again occupy

in the years to come.


In France,

man had to be tricked

into thinking they were valuable

with a heavy guard.

Sir Walter Raleigh

brought the potato

to English court,

only to have it banned,

for being poisonous.

In Ireland,

potatoes thought they found a home,

only to be overcultivated

and blighted from their throne.


But the potato carried on

to ride the hair of queens,

and gain the hearts of alcoholics

through vodka.

As a staple of POWs,

they outlasted

the hatred gained by turnips

and cabbage.

They rose to the table

time and again

to feed the stomachs

of the hungry.


The picture at the top is from my Tri-Color Champ recipe.

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