Human Gyro

Slicing bits of meat off myself

to feed my fickle darling

who has not quite

felt himself lately.


When I look at him

I see eyes of burnished copper

embedded with bits of amber.

When others look

through my situation

they see the flies

trapped in the middle,

and try to stay clear

of his smoky chasms.



is all I can do,

he does not want for more

from me.

From others

he spends time



and giving of himself.


From me,

he gets cooked meat

in my attempt to entice him

to be with me.

From his perspective

I must seem desperate,

I try so hard

and offer so much

for bits of nothing in return.


In a mirror

I look at my flesh

with its sliced off bits

and pity the one I see

who has stuck his neck out

so many times,

that he is at the mental chopping block.


When the darling

opens his mouth,

wide and gaping,

I can hear the words

that are like knives

slicing off bits of my

cardiac muscle.


Does he know what he says?

Is he trying to get me to go away?

Has all my care

repulsed him

or is my constant affection

a given

that no longer needs to be

worked for or


Now he has reached a better place,

am I unneeded?


Every time

I take off another bit,

I know I can no longer

afford to,

I know it will not be


yet I do it anyway.

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