Ethereal Fairy Princess

“You’re our ethereal fairy princess,”

they said to me.

I was the only one who didn’t smoke

or do something else

in my little friend group.

The friend I was leaning on

said the group should,

as mostly older folk,

try to keep me


from their “sins.”




Now I’m at their age

and I’m still

an ethereal

fairy princess.

ergo: I do nothing.


The older kids


who I am a part of,


about their influence

on the younger ones,

together with me.


No longer am I

the cause of worry

for them,

we discuss

their worries

about others

on an equal level.

Not everyone

is a fairy princess.


“This one kid,”

my friend says,

“doesn’t think,

he has asthma,

but he asks me

for one.

I said no,

but others didn’t.”


A week earlier

that same kid couldn’t even


a pretty glass bong

in a street peddler’s wares,

I remember hearing him ask,

“What is that?”


My friend


that she,

as the older

cool kid,

was the bad influence

who had led him astray.


So I consoled her,

that it was not her fault

but society’s

that made him blind

to the possibilities.

Both of us knew

when he returned

to his school

he would have plenty of those



This was written for Magpie Tales

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