Anxious Pains

The moon is waning
as my brain tries
to pierce together
the whys and hows
of my life.
A little storm
has been brewing
inside my cranium
for a while now.
It floats
hither and thither,
trying to find
a place to strike.
Imaginary swords
are poking around inside,
drawing a bloody red aura.
Quivering and fidgeting
is the beginning
of the response.
With the head in such chaos,
how can the body
hold out?
Out of the storm cloud,
It strikes my skin,
making dry spots.
It strikes my muscles,
I start to twitch and ache.
It strikes my eyes
and they bounce.
It strikes my hair,
it loses luster and falls.
Not even my stomach
is left at peace,
inside a hurricane rages
in constant nausea.
I’m feeling sick,
there is no moon
in my sky,
everything is obscured.
I can’t think,
I can’t function,
and the wheres and whys
have become too big to question,
they have crushed me.

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