Do I Jibber

The lady upfront,
with the smiley scars,
she talks about
and their ties
to mental illness.
She looks at
the privileged group
ahead of her
like an all-knowing
and says,
we probably know someone
or are related
to someone,
but we probably aren’t
mentally ill.
I see an oliphant
I see a heffalump
I see Barbar
I see a fallacy.
Do I jibber?
Or does mental illness
where it strikes?
Sure outside factors
can influence its treatment,
it can be worse or better,
but it has its
wild oats sown
in farmlands, cities,
wasteland, manicured lawns,
must I go on?
I see
You see
We see
the people
walking down the street
in the office
in the park
But this group
has those people
within itself.
So do I jibber,
when I say
it does not
The woman upfront,
does she see,
with her elephant eyes,
what happens behind closed doors?
Does she see
what is happening
in our schools,
in our heads?
In our lives?

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