A Mile in Somebody Else’s Feet

“We seem
to have purchased
the same pair of shoes,
aren’t they super comfortable?
I always use them
when I go rock climbing!”
You’ve felt it,
you’ve been there,
so you think you understand
what it’s like in somebody else’s shoes,
despite the fact you are different sizes
“Well I think
I’m going to return them
I don’t find them
quite comfortable,
and without my belay
I might have fallen
into the abyss.”
Your book
a secondary source
Your friend-
a token
a single case
have had this
“That’s too bad,
you’re going to have
lots of trouble
finding a better brand.
I still think,
that they are the best option
out there.
Are you sure
you’re really suited
for rock climbing?”
You say
you get it,
that you
understand the situation best-

so you say
you can make decisions
on this group’s behalf-
that you can judge them
But have you walked
a mile in their shoes
with their feet?

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