I met a lady
with skin
of powder and dried liquid.
She seemed to feel
that fresh application
was needed
It was her great fear
that we would all
see the flaws beneath
and mock.
But it was quite the opposite
that occurred.
With her
frequent administrations,
we all noticed
and saw
the insecurities
lurking beneath.
A man
denied his butterfly-ship
in a shrinking caterpillar childhood,
rushed at his freedom chance,
right before my eyes.
He gobbled up
everything he had yearned for
in youth
and appeared
in a glimmering collection of glass
befitting of his childhood dreams.
To us who had grown up
allowed to explore
our gaudy sides,
he appeared a five-year-old
But to himself,
he was a queen.
Somewhere there is
a tiny girl
who wants to be a gentleman,
but is dressed
like a doll.
She has been
growing up
with the doll image
being imprinted
and consciously attempting
to be the gentleman.
It’s quite a menagerie
of image.
When she finds
the other gentleman-wannabes,
they reject her
for being too femme
and say that to them,
she is practically
Self image.

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