“How are you?” “Like a dream.”

She asks me,
“How are you?”
and I pause to consider
an apt answer.
In this instance,
just “good” won’t do,
I need to cover
the real answer,
but not in so many words.
So I say,
“Everything is going,
like a dream.”
it feels like a careless
where my emotions pop
like yellowy daisies
out of vibrant field.
Other times,
it’s like a sad nightmare
where the walls
of opportunity
seem to be closing in
to crush a glass vase
holding dried daisies.
But still,
there is no dream
and the mind
is dead silent
and empty.
So in a few words,
“How am I?”
Like a dream.
The good connotation
of those words
may scare away
those who would look deeper
and question the reality
of what a dream is like.

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