Stone Being

Each is grown
in a little terrarium
with dirt and stone,
blown and stuck together
by their emotional biomes.
At the age of maturity
they slowly begin to un-stem
and crawl out
of the terrariums.
One of those beings,
crawled out
with a heart of stone.
The other beings
wept over gore and suffering,
sighed over cute babies and puppies,
were easily moved on the behalf
of others who were no themselves,
but this being’s heart
controlled the flow of blood
with a stone cold grip
and this being was left,
visibly unmoved.
The other beings
considered this one frigid,
even though it very much
had emotions
inside its soupy head,
unlike the others,
this being had begun
its desensitization
in the terrarium.
The being
and experienced.
It understood
that these things happen,
that some traits
of cuteness
were made to protect the vulnerable,
it had empathy and sympathy,
but simply did not
show it
boldly across its face.
The other soft dirt beings
thought something was wrong
and questioned why
this being was so
cold hearted
and frigid
in the face of great exterior emotion.
And with the criticism
of itself,
the stone being showed
a facet into
internal turmoil

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