Invisibly Visible

That kid over there

in the corner?

Why are they alone?

Do you think

they could be

a terrorist?!


Better stay

Far far away


they don’t got

many friends,

they just

don’t seem to try



That kid over there

in the side table of the lunchroom?


they stir their coffee

with slim jims,

they don’t drink

the basic coffee blend either,

some weird powdered stuff,


I suppose.


Better stay

Far far away,

cooties spread.

Sandra was friends

with them


but it didn’t last.


That kid over there

in the back of class,

in that boring, safe outfit?


Who wants to work with them?

Can I change my lab partner,

for this project?


Better stay away,

once I saw

on the side of their

science lab manual.

They scribbled,

that they felt


But they also seem

to like it

a bit.


That kid of there

in the fifth line

of the fifth row?

I see them,

they sat with us

at lunch the other day

and it just felt

super awkward.


Better stay away,

they are kinda like

the visible invisible student.

I know school policy

says to be nice to

everyone and all,

but I just can’t do it.


Right now,

I’m kinda


if I hang with them

people might

think I’m like them

and I’ll lose my


to a harsher


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