The Banished Queen

Small children

playing house,

the biblical way.

Together we color

and don

the paper masks

of story-time



The majority

of the females in the class

choose the face of Ester,

the obedient wife

who finds the courage to disobey

her king,

to save her people.

There are also

a plethora

of Hamans,


and Ahasueruses.

Villains, Wisemen and Kings.

But only two

choose the face of Vashti.


In past tellings

of this theological tale,

we learned in the exposition

that Vashti was bad

because she did not


because she was

vain and arrogant.

Words with negative



But was she really

that wrong?

To become a queen

she must have been pretty beautiful,

she must have been very powerful,

she must have had a lot of pride,

She didn’t want to dance

in front of her lord-husband’s pals

and bring dishonor to herself,

what’s wrong about that?

She was dismissed

to maintain

the patriarchal status quo.


In this day and age

it should be better

than it was.

We should have reached equality

by now.

The status quo

has been disrupted

and continues to be.


Both were great women

who stood up

for what they believed in.

So why is it

that the little girls

still see

Vashti as inferior

to Ester?

2 thoughts on “The Banished Queen

  1. Interesting poem. I’ve never thought of Vashti as inferior, just unfortunate to be the Queen of a King who could be so cruel. This reminded me of the Veggie Tales version of this story. Vashti is banished because she refuses to make sandwiches for the King and his pals. Peace, Linda


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