Whisked Away

I wish

I could whisk

you away

to a secluded



We’d be lost

and you would not be



from the pain of




allow connection

over long distances.

While shackles used to stretch

only to the point where

they were still visible,

now they go

on and on,

across the planet.



you could just

not know,

but in this climate

you have to.

At some point,

you will come

face to face.


In my Neverland

there would be reprieve,

we would be off the map

in the land of pixies

where we would be free

to never grow up

and face what lies at the end

of the long silver chains.

2 thoughts on “Whisked Away

  1. I was working at the LA museum Holocaust on Saturday.
    I loved the exhibit you helped set up.
    I am so impressed with your poems.
    Especially the one about the father.
    They are the best ones you have done.
    I am thrilled you are part of such an important project and in such an important place.
    I am so impressed and so is Samara Hutman.
    We had nice a talk.
    I would love to get copies if possible


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