Contemplating Immortality

Soft skin,

vivid coloration,

and juicy flesh

are the components

of a human youth

and the peaches of immortality.


In their ripened youth

the peaches wax gold

like the closely guarded apples

of Hera and Iðunn.

Alchemists from the East

and the West

claimed they could

create gold

and immortality as well.


Hand in hand,

a golden human,

a perfect human.

But as of yet,

we still waiting.

Their creams and edibles

lead to the loss of gold

and eventual death.





pure oxygen,




were they the true

golden apples?


Henrietta Lacks’s cells

beat the Hayflick Limit

and might live

until the end of the world.

Some jellyfish

can continuously revert

back to their childhood state.


can split themselves eternally.

But a human

cannot do any of these things

without losing their humanity.


Vampires suck life force

to sustain themselves.

They are not human.

To live forever

is to lose everything.

If everyone was immortal

life would not be,

it would be

at a standstill.

What would be our purpose?


The Earth is not eternal,

each day more of is consumed

like a peach.

But at the center,

there is no seed

to start anew from.

If we continue,

we will stand on nothing

and fall.


We’ve worshipped immortality,

killed ourselves trying to find it,

after all this time,

is it really our birthright?

Are we really meant to be



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