A Series of Repetitions

Shiny and new like a car,

you draw me in

trying to ensnare this spider

in your own web.

The tightness is cozy

until I try to move.

I will not commit.

I will not be trapped.

I wriggle out and curse

you who tried.


I don’t miss you

everything like brittle raw nerves

is still tingling, even in death.

You had hope

and try to keep up appearances.

It makes me feel bad

when I shoot you down

with my heartless bazooka.

I feel safer this way.


I wonder who you are now.

I once feared to be you.

I have my good memories.

Do you still only have resentment?

I hope you have forgotten everything;

the bad and the good.

I cannot say you deserved better

than you got,

because what happened was simply

an interaction

that left only emptiness

in both our hearts.


I run into you

in the randomest place.

It’s been a long while,

I have forgiven and forgotten you,

but have you?

I am in a mask,

but you recognize

the voice and movement

from so long ago.

You are kind

and it makes me wonder


and how.

Do I deserve this

after all I’ve done?

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