Mildewed Corner

They hide in their corners,

those squelching posers

in their groups

of more than a single entity.

It’s cool to be angry together.

It’s cool to be alone together.

But wait,

that’s not quite

what being alone is.


To claim to know a story

to emphasize

because you read it

or know someone who lived it,

is a lie.

Up close and personal

does not mean

you are the one

who has sat alone

in that abandoned corner

covered in mildew.


Just like China

built up walls

to hide the undesirables

from the Olympian tourists,

the many eyes you possess

claim that none of these people

exist in your societal circle,

but they do.

The fact that you don’t see

or interact with them,

is the problem.


In your group even,

some are unhappy

and discontent.


they are surrounded

by a mass of sprawling bodies,

but inwardly

they sprawl in their own

mildewed corners.


Do you denounce them as well?

Say that their feelings

are the product

of a mass of twisted hormones

and a collection of influences

in their control?


The jigsaw

is full of mismatched jacks.

If you continue to deny

and ignore them all

you might just find yourself


Then you will understand,

and be the primary source

for the next victim’s secondary-source story.

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