Do I Trust You Yet?

Do I yet trust you? A query.

Passing pleasantries, “how are you?”

Underneath each waiting to strike

An Easter egg waiting for you

is hidden in this mobile talk.

Discovery or not, a choice?

A little revelation, egg

opened sweet. Do I trust you yet?


This was written for Dverse’s Octave challenge.

10 thoughts on “Do I Trust You Yet?

  1. Ah! That question hovers around me always, whenever I am talking to someone. Because I have a tendency to start trusting people really soon and thus that becomes the cause of my hurt.
    Very well-penned. 🙂


  2. Ah yes.. the trusting eyes
    never seen or not in the
    lines of Internet lore or
    Truth.. the eyes tell tales
    that words will never tell
    in lives of lies or not
    for hate or love in truth
    of cyber not living at all..:)


  3. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg….I often wonder if I ought trust until I am proven wrong or for that person to earn my trust…it depends on the circumstances I guess…nice.


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