A Vision Wreathed in Raining Cats & Dogs

A dream,

a vision grows in a boy’s head,

he wants to visit that city

he read about in his story books.

The rainy place

that was once the epicenter

of culture and Heaven on Earth.

After a passing of years,

he gets his wish.


Dry cats and dogs

rain from the grey skies.

The man opens his umbrella

and tries to look beyond the clouds.

Their fur gets in the man’s nose

and their claws rain the streets

in a smattering of blood.


The man walks through the streets,

looking for hints of what was once

an artist’s paradise.

Pools of blood reflect back at him

from the overflowing gutters.


Where he interviews,

tissue flowers bloom,

fed by a stream of salt water

and mucus.


some of the old ones


the plants like jewels

and rich cups

of artisan coffee,

but what came after,

greatly overshadowed those things.


Each story has soggy edges

and the years have smudged the ink.

The man is disappointed,

but he looks deep into the bloody pools

and takes the plunge.

He watches as the culture he romanticized

is stripped away

to reveal its raw undertones.


Outside again,

spots pop in his vision.

He looks at everything

and sees how it is.

The surface has changed

over and over,

but what was hidden to him before,

the roots of the pretty flowers

he saw in his vision,

are visible now

and his dream

is realized.

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